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Johansson R.A. Pali Buddhism Texts
Oxford: Curzon Press, 1977. - 160 p.

Pali is one of the Middle Indian idioms and the classical language of Theravada Buddhism. It is therefore important both to linguists and students of Buddhism. This introductory book centres on a collection of original texts, each selected as an especially important and beautiful formulation of a Buddhist idea. By means of a vocabulary, translation and commentary, each text is explained so concretely that it can be read with little preparation. Detailed explanations are provided for the many technical terms, which have frustrated so many weste explorers of Buddhism. For reference, a grammar is provided. Sanskrit parallels to many of the words are given, as well as a special chapter comparing the two languages.
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Buddhadatta Mahathera A.P. Concise Pali-English Dictionary

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1958. - 319p. Some twenty-five years ago when the teaching of Pali was commenced at Ananda College, the text-books used by Buddhist monks, which were centuries old, were found unsuitable for use by its pupils. Mr. P. de S. Kularatna, then Principal of Ananda, College, who appointed me as tutor in Pali, urged me to produce some suitable text-books, and I wrote in three parts the P?libh?sh?vatara?a in Sinhalese and compiled a Pali Reader named P?l...

Duroiselle Ch. A Practical Grammar of the P?li Language

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Fourth Edition, revision 3 (or "Version 4.3"), October 2007. - 127 p. This book was first published in 1906 at the "Rangoon College" of British-occupied Burma; the second edition followed in 1915. An electronic text released into the public domain constituted the 3rd edition in 1997. The present edition of the electronic text has been extensively re-formatted to display the Pali text with Unicode compliant characters, and should not require any...

Geiger W. A Pali Grammar

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Pali Text Society, 2005 (1994). - 224 p. ISBN: 086013315X Revised edition of the well-known work by the great German scholar, attempting to suit the needs of both acedemics and beginners. In this version which includes an introduction entitled "What is Pali? " by Prof R.F. Gombrich, the dense paragraphs of the original have been separated out and the number of references reduced.

Kanai Lai Hazra - Pali Language and Literature: A Systematic Survey and Historical Study. Volume 1

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DK Print World, 1998. - XVII + 462 p. Beginning with a description of the language, its historical evolution, phonology and grammatical categories, the book studies the canonical Pali texts (the three Pitakas) and surveys the non-canonical Pali literature covering manuals and chronicles. In Pali is preserved the Buddhist canon. Which, considered as the most authentic form of Buddhavacana, constitutes the very matrix of its 2500-year-long Therav...

M. Mayrhofer. Handbuch des Pali

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M. Mayrhofer. Handbuch des Pali mit Texten und Glossar. Eine Einfuerung in das sprachwissenschaftliche Studium des Mittelindischen. Teil 1: Grammatik. Teil 2: Texten und Glossar. Carl Winter. Universitaetsverlag. Heidelberg, 1951. 324 S. Классическая грамматика языка пали - одного из среднеиндийских языков, легших в основу буддийского канона - Трипитаки. Первая часть посвящена описанию грамматики (фонетика, морфология, синтаксис), вторая часть -...

Narada Thera. An elementary Pali course

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Buddha dharma education association inc. - 234 p. This slender volume is intended to serve as an elementary guide for beginners. With its aid one may be able to get an introduction to the Pali language within a short period.

Perniola V. Pali Grammar

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  • добавлен 09 июня 2011 г.
Pali Text Society, 1997. - 411 p. ISBN: 0860133540. This grammar of the Pali linguage represents the research work done during the author`s ten years of lecturing in Pali and Buddhism in Columbo, Sri Lanka. It is based on the language of the Dhamma and Vinaya Pitakas.

Warder A.K. Introduction to Pali. 3rd Edition

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  • добавлен 21 апреля 2011 г.
Warder A.K. Introduction to Pali. 3rd Edition. The Pali Text Society. Oxford. 2005. 487 p. Введение в пали - язык буддийского канона, поурочно излагается грамматика с примерами. Хрестоматия и словарь.