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Kara Gy?rgy. Long Vowels in Manchu Loanwords of Dagur
Bulletin of the Institute for the study of North Eurasian
cultures, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, 17, 1985, - pp. 117-130.

Dagur, is isolated Mongolian idiom of the Nonni valley and of its
larger environment, can be cited in evidence.
This language makes a clear distinction between long and short
vowels, and at the same time it is full of Manchu and Solon (Ewenki)
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Bloomington, Indiana University, Ural and Altaic series, Vol. 4. The Hague, Mouton and Co., 1961, - 336 p. This description of a Mongolian dialect is based on a study of the speech of Peter (Uregungee) Onon, who was born 11 November 1919 in Bokore-cien, a place on the Noni river (Naun muren) in the Inner Mongolian province of Hsingan in North- west Manchuria. Mr. Onon's speech was first treated by William M. Austin in "A brief outline of Dagur g...