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Языки и языкознание
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Mac Poilin A. Irish Is Fun!: A New Course for the Beginner
Mac Poilin A. Irish Is Fun! : A New Course for the Beginner. - Lolfa, 1995. - 96 p.

"Irish is Fun! " teaches basic Irish through funny cartoons in 17 lessons.

"Irish is Fun! " is based off "Welsh is Fun! " also published by Y Lolfa. Both feature the same, slightly politically incorrect cartoons with lots of booze and scantily naked girls.

The book also includes some info on numbers, basic grammar and a small dictionary in the back. However, you already must know how to pronounce Irish.

Note: Most pages have been cropped, but in the few cases, they have been left "as is" to help you read some words because of the relatively tight binding.
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Stanley Davis Charles H. An Ch?ad Leabhar Gaedhilge. First Irish Book

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Publisher: Educational Publishing Company - Boston Publication date: 1912 Number of pages: 135 This book has been prepared to supply the want of a simple textbook for beginners in the study of modern Irish, and contains the essentials which are necessary for every student of the Irish languages to know. Particular pains have been taken to fully illustrate every rule by examples.

Tomb H. Wicked Irish

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