Программа - Everest. Версия 3.10

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Программа - Everest. Версия 3.10.
(Многоязычный словарь. ).
Версия: 3.10 beta.
Лицензия: Freeware.
Системные требования: Win 98, Millenium, Windows 2000, XP.
Автор: Vladutu Daniel.
Components of Everest Dictionary:
- Covers all main european languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian.
- Possibility to search words in many dictionaries.
- Possibility to search words across many dictionaries.
- Possibility to search words in an indexed order.
- Possibility to search using regular expressions.
- Speech agent for the English words.
- Multi-language Interface.
- Search History.
- Learning Game - a game to help you improve your vocabulary.
- Automaticaly translates the selected text on RCTRL+RCLICK in almost every Windows application. More on this feature in Everst Help.
- Online Translator between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese languages. .
- Instant Translation of clipboard using CTRL+D.
- Save and email translation by a single click.
- Everest Glossary is a possibility to extend Everest Dictionay by creating glossaries with your own words.
-Create, save and share glossaries with your friends.
- browse resources recommended by free-soft.ro.
- keep history of your favorite resource on web and access them in your favourite dictionary - Everest Dictionary.
- keep in touch with the author of Everest Dictionary, express your wishes or send bug reports.
- If your speech agent does not work properly, please install the following two files from Microsoft website: tv_enua.exe and spchapi.exe .
- Spanish Synonyms Dictionary is a Brazilian-Postuguese Synonyms dictionary.
- Support by email does not work because we received too much viruses & spam on the support address and we decided to remove it.
Available dictionaries:Dictionary name Words.
English English Standard 176,050.
English English Medical 9,271.
English English Acronyms 21,513.
English Synonyms 63,877.
English French ,French English Standard 80,432.
English German Standard Big 437,909.
English Italian Standard 28,836.
English Romanian Standard 169,035.
English Romanian Proverbs 3,875.
English Romanian Expressions 43,375.
English Romanian Tehnical 154,618.
English Spanish Standard 20,766.
English Spanish Technical 237,141.
French Synonyms 32,148.
French Larousse 53,518.
French Romanian Standard 134,593.
German Romanian Technical 167,775.
Romanian French Standard 21,983.
Romanian German Standard 19,403.
Romanian Italian Standard 16,795.
Romanian Spanish Standard 16,367.
English Anthonyms 4,881.
English Hypernyms 44,102.
English Holonyms 4,881.
English Bible Names 3,964.
English French Tehnical 58,770.
English French Medical 4,377.
German English Standard 145,846.
Hungarian English Standard 123,184.
Portuguese English Standard 194,640.
German Synonyms 37,334.
English Romanian Technical 2 134,093.
English Bulgarian Standard 128,235.
Bulgarian English Standard 117,983.
Spanish synonyms 41,061.
German French Standard 80,036.rn

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