Латышский язык
Языки и языкознание
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Svilane Tereze. Teach Yourself Latvian Complete Course
Год издания: 1994
Количество страниц: 328
Язык: Английский

Lea Latvian from the comfort of home.
Whether you’re a traveler, student, or businessperson, you’ll find it easy to pick up Latvian, a language spoken by millions of Europeans every day.
Teach Yourself Latvian Complete Course includes:
- Extensive exercises so you can review what you have leaed
- An overview of the culture surrounding the language, giving you an understanding of how Latvian is used in context.
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Аудиокурс для изучения латышского языка. Latvian for Beginners

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Автор/Издательство: не указаны Год выпуска: 1995 Формат: mp3 Качество: 64 kbps, 44 kGz, stereo Язык: русский Данный курс будет полезен начинающим изучать латышский язык для повышения навыков разговорного языка и увеличения словарного запаса.rn

Lazdina T.B. Teach Yourself Latvian

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Publication date: 1966 Number of pages: 327 Old fashioned Teach Yourself book. Thanks should go to Expugnator who allerted us to the existence of this file in electronic form.

Lelis Joseph. Basic Latvian

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Год: 2008 Количество страниц: 119 Latvian and English are remotely related; they both belong to the Indo-European family of languages. Latvian belongs to the Baltic branch with Lithuanian as its only extant close relative whereas English belongs to the Germanic branch with German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages as its near relatives. The use of English has expanded to all continents; Latvian is fully used only within its narrow national border...

Moseley Christopher. Colloquial Latvian. The Complete Course for Beginners

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  • добавлен 27 декабря 2011 г.
Издательство: Routledge Год: 1996 Количество страниц: 131 ISBN: 0-415-11797-6 This course aims to provide a working knowledge of the contemporary Latvian language. Latvian is one of the two surviving members of the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Its closest relative is Lithuanian, the language of Latvia's southern neighbour. anguage in this group to die out was Old Prussian, which was defunct by the end of the seventeen...

Svarinska A. Latvian in 25 Lessons

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Svarinska A. Latvian in 25 Lessons. - Zvaigzne ABC, 2003. - 111 p. There are approximately 6. 000 languages in the world and the great variety of languages is one aspect of future problems. A new language situation has been created by an intense increase in newcomers. It is a joy that many of them consider Latvian a source of enrichment and want to master it. This is not simply a proof of their competence but also an acknowledgement of respect....

Tulko?anas un terminolo?ijas centrs. (red.) Translation Handbook for Latvian Legislation

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  • добавлен 24 августа 2011 г.
R?ga: Tulko?anas un terminolo?ijas centrs, 2000. - 80 c. Much of the material in this handbook is taken directly or adapted from the European Commission Translation Service English Style Guide (ECTS-ESG). 1. Some material is adapted from the European Communities Interinstitutional Style Guide (EC-ISG). 2. This Handbook does not attempt to be an all-encompassing English language style guide. Several excellent style guides already exist (for examp...

Vicsnins H. Latvian Language Competencies for Peace Corps Volunteers in the Republic of Latvia

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  • добавлен 09 января 2012 г.
Издатель: Peace corps Год издания: 1992 Количество страниц: 147 Язык: English This guide is designed for Latvian language training of Peace Corps workers in Latvia, is intended for use in a competency-based language training program, and reflects daily communication needs in that context. It consists of an introductory section on the history, alphabet, and phonology of the Latvian language and a series of 13 topical instructional units. Each uni...