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Syuntaro, T. A Grammar of the Dom Language
Syuntaro, T. (2006). A grammar of the Dom language: a papuan language of Papua New Guinea.

The Dom language is spoken over a continuous territory in the Dom area in the Gumine District and in a part of the Sinasina District of the Simbu Province (formerly called Chimbu) in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The language is mainly spoken in this area, but also in some settlements in towns and cities, and some enclaves also exist in different areas.
The language family to which Dom belongs is named differently by authors as Hagen-Wahgi-Jimi Chimbu family (Wurm 1960), Central family of East New Guinea Highlands stock (Wurm & Hattori 1983), Chimbu family (Foley 1986), and Chimbu-Wahgi (Osmond 2001).
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