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The Evolution of the Devanagari Script
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: uztranslations.
Publication date: 2009.
Number of pages: 157.

Some papers on Devanagari script evolution.
The first paper is a lecture by Asko Parpola, titled "Study of the Indus Script", with some photographs of inscriptions in ancient script.
The second paper, by Michael Noonan, bears the title "Recent Adaptions of the Devanagari Script for the
Tibeto-Burman Languages of Nepal" and, as you can guess, it briefly state the problems encountered when trying to use Devanagari script to write Tibeto-Burman languages.
Finally, the interesting "The Evolution of the Devanagari Script", by Shankar Man Rajbanshi, written in what I think is Nepali, but including tables with alphabets and signs used in the pre-Devanagari stages.
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