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Thigpen Lynn (comp.) Medical Survival Khmer: A Khmer language module for medical professionals
Cooperative Services Inteational (CSI), 2008. — 98 p.
Фигпен Линн (сост.) Пособие по кхмерскому языку для медицинских работников (на англ. и кхмерск. яз.)
Where Does It Hurt?
Upper Body Parts - Exteal.
Lower Body Parts - Exteal.
Other Major Body Parts - Inteal.
Pain (Frequency, Duration, etc.).
Symptoms (Non-Pain).
Bodily Functions/Responses.
Basic Anatomy of the Eye and Eye-Related Terms.
Dental Terms.
Terms Related to the Skin.
Medications and Related Terms.
Dispensing Medications.
Medical/Health-Related Instructions/Treatments.
Medical/Diagnostic Questions and Instructions.
Laboratory Terms.
Medical Paraphealia/Miscellaneous Terms.
Khmer Cultural Medicine Terms.
Dictionary (English-Khmer Medical Terms with Phonetics).