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Thurneysen R. Handbuch des Alt-Irischen: Grammatik, Texte und Woerterbuch
Publisher: Heidelberg
Publication date: 1909
Number of pages: 800

From the little that I know about those matters, the work of R. Thueysen has not yet been superseded for the oldest layers of Irish.
His Handbuch is still in print in English, entitled A Grammar of old Irish. I used to have it as a paper copy, which was quite expensive, but I don't remember how precisely it corresponds with this German edition. I'm sure the specialists in Irish among us have had this one for a while, but for the rest of us, this might be fun. I never succeeded in working completely through it. It has a reputation for being relatively intense and deservedly so. With a few texts in the second part.
I'll be happy to post Strokes and Strachan's Thesaurus palaeo-hibeicus if there is any demand for it.