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Видеокурс Learn Nepali Language
Разработчик: Autumn2050
Год: 2008
Формат качество ( эпизоды 1-3): MP4 / 44 кГц / стерео
Формат качество ( эпизоды 4-5): FLV
Примечание: язык преподавания английский (озвучка языконосителем (соответственно с акцентом)
Earlier, a non-Nepali friend was asking me how to write/say hi, thank you, etc in Nepali while he was writing an email to one of his Nepali friends he'd made while his stay in Japan earlier. I googled and youtubed to check if there were Nepali language videos with audio already available for those who wanted to lea and/or speak this language.
Ushered by this, I've decided to come up with a few Nepalese language leaing videos for all. And, here we set the wheels in motion. For someone who's planning to go to Nepal or is just crazy to lea this language, these videos could provide at least a few drops in quenching their thirst.