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Vongvanith Somsak. Lao Grammar, part IV: Poetics / ສົມສັກ ວົງວານິດ. ປຶ້ມ ໄວຍາກອນ ລາວ, ສັນທະລັກສນະ
Kingdom of Laos: Department of Education, 1974. — 53 p.
Вонгванит Сомсак. Грамматика лаосского языка, часть 4: Поэтика (на лаосск. яз.)
Lao is a tonal language of the Tai–Kadai language family. It is the official language of Laos, and also spoken in the northeast of Thailand, where it is usually referred to as the Isan language. Being the primary language of the Lao people, Lao is also an important second language for the multitude of ethnic groups in Laos and in Isan.
Lao, like many languages in Laos, is written in the Lao script, an abugida. Although there is no official standard, the Vientiane dialect has become the de facto standard.