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Enhebatu Merden. A study of the spoken Manchu language
呼和浩特:内蒙古大学出版社,1995年。— 388页。恩和巴图著。满语口语研究。
ISBN 7-81015-488-5/H-33.
Исследования по разговорному маньчжурскому языку. На китайском языке (с транскрипцией маньчжурских слов).
The present book, which is based on author's on-the-spot investigation of Manchu speeches in Sanjiazi village, Fuyu county, Heilongjiang province, in summer, 1961, contains a discussion on the vocabulary of oral Manchu, sixteen texts as well as 3 800 word entries. This is a precious collection of material and an important reference book for the study of mode Manchu language.
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