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Godel R. An introduction to the study of classical Armenian
Godel R. An introduction to the study of classical Armenian. - Wiesbaden: Dr. Luilwig Reichert Verlag, 1975. - 139p.

ISBN 3-920153-37-5

This book does not contain anything more than what its title promises. Its scope is limited to a description of the Classical Armenian language, and to an inquiry on its origin and growth. Both parts have been planned so as to balance each other; and, as a historical study on syntax, in the present state of our knowledge, would unavoidably be full of gaps, syntax has not been included even in the descriptive part.
This latter, ад outline of Classical Armenian phonology and morphology, must not be mistaken for a grammar. Several items have been purposely set aside, in order not to obscure the main features of the language. These deliberate omissions are perhaps compensated by a more systematic treatment of noun and verb inflection. Besides, more attention has been paid to phonology than is the case in recent grammars or text-books.
As for the second part, it aims at supplying reliable information on etymology, sound change and historical morphology, without concealing the difficulties that attend the comparative study of such a language as Classical Armenian. Meillet's fundamental work, Esquisse d'une grammaire compar?e de l'arm?nien classique, was first published in 1903. A second, revised edition appeared in 1936. Since that date, many phonological questions have been discussed again. Meillet's views on historical morphology, though they have been less controverted, are in need of revision. This, I believe, is enough to justify a new approach.
The list of Armenian words and morphemes at the end of this volume would have increased exceedingly, should it have included all the examples quoted in the descriptive part. It therefore contains only those on which some comment is made in connection with etymology, sound change, or morphological pecularities.
I express my gratitude to Professor Giorgio Raimondo Cardona, from the University of Rome, and to Professor Calvert Watkins, of Harvard University, who took the trouble of reading the manuscript of my Introduction. To both I am indebted for many a helpful observation.
I also have to thank Mrs. Lilliam Hurst for carefully revising my English text and removing the stylistic infelicities.
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