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Maslova E. A Grammar of Kolyma Yukaghir
Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2003. — 609с.

Kolyma Yukaghir and its genetic affiliation.
An overview of Kolyma Yukaghir grammar.
About this grammar.
Kolyma Yukaghir and its speakers.
The Kolyma Yukaghirs.
Sociolinguistic situation in Nelemnoye.
Accents and varieties.
The effect of language contact on Kolyma Yukaghir.
Kolyma and Tundra Yukaghir.
Segmentai phonological units.
Phonological and morphophonemic alteations.
Word stress.
Parts of speech and inflectional paradigms.
Nouns vs. verbs.
Attributes and properties.
Closed classes.
Nominal morphology.
Formation of major categories.
Functions of the Possessive markers.
Functions of the Number forms.
Functions of the cases.
Other nominal forms.
Nominal derivation.
erb morphology.
Major types of verb forms.
Tense and Mood.
alence-changing morphology.
Morphology of closed classes.
Noun phrase and postpositional phrase.
The structure of the noun phrase.
Noun phrases as noun modifiers.
NP conjunction.
Postpositional phrases.
Syntax of the clause.
Core participants and grammatical relations.
Overview of verb pattes.
Clausal adjuncts.
Clause chaining.
Types of clause chaining.
Semantics o? ordinary chains.
Conditional constructions.
The concessive construction.
Nominal Complements.
Minor complementation strategies.
Relative clauses.
Adverbial clauses.
Nominal predicates and grammatical Focus.
Clauses with nominal predicates.
Syntax of the Focus construction.
Semantics of grammatical Focus.
Sentence types and negation.
mperative sentences.
Minor sentence types.
Speech-reporting strategies.
Coreference and discourse coherence.
Grammaticalized coreference phenomena.
Paragraph-level phenomena.
Connective adverbials.
Yukaghir-English vocabulary.
Non-productive verb derivation.
Subject index.
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