Арабский язык
Языки и языкознание
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Amery H. First Thousand Words in Arabic
Usboe, 2004. 64p.
This delightful picture word book provides a fun and engaging way for beginners to lea Arabic. The large, colourful and panoramic scenes are surrounded by small pictures labelled with their names in Arabic. Bright and amusing pictures provide lots of opportunities for conversation.
- Busy scenes with 1000 small pictures labelled in Arabic
- Arabic words also written in Roman letters
- Easy-to-use pronunciation guide
- Simple explanation of Arabic alphabet
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Jerusalem, 1909. 226 p. Languages: english/arabic. The present volume has grown out of a need — which I have abundant reason to suppose that others as well as myself have experienced — for some means of acquiring a knowledge of the Arabic dialect spoken, not only in Jerusalem, but with some slight variations, in the whole of Palestine, to-day. Such manuals as already exist in English are, for the most part, adapted for the Egyptian Arabic, or for...

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Publisher: CreateSpace, 2011. 108 p. Language: arabic/english This book is considered the faster, easier way to learn the Arabic script. Illustrates - in an invented way- how to read, write the basic shapes of the letter and how to join letters to form words. Offers plenty of exercises and examples, and introduces readers to his first commonly used Arabic words and how to pronounce them properly.

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  • добавлен 19 января 2012 г.
Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press, 2003. 131 p. Language: English with Middle Egyptian, Coptic and Egyptian Arabic From the most distant past to the modern day, some things never change - including words. The modern Egyptian Arabic dialect is one of the most distinctive in the Arabic-speaking world precisely because of its illustrious heritage from the country's ancient past. Ahmad Abdel-Hamid Youssef spends a day in the Egyptian...