Русский язык как иностранный
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Cherel А. Русский без труда. Russian Without Toil
Assimil, 1958. — 419 p. — Series: Assimil spare-time daily courses
Хотя учебник довольно старый, но проверенный годами метод Assimil даёт прекрасные результаты. Попробуйте с вашими учениками!
Russian is - rightly - said to be a difficult language. The alphabet looks unsympathetic, the declensions and conjugations complex; and yet nearly two hundred million people, most of whom arc far from being intellectuals, speak it as naturally as We speak English. One has no need to be leaed, or especially gifted to succeed in doing what a young 5—or 6—year old moujil: does quite naturally.
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