Русский язык как иностранный
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Clark Ben T. Russian
Harper & Row, Publishers, 1983. — 688 p. — ISBN: 000412968
Не одно поколение студентов Калифорнийского университета в Santa Cruz (США) прекрасно овладели русским по этому довольно подробному учебнику.
Review fom Amazon:
We were fortunate enough to use this textbook at the University of South Carolina (USC) back in the 80s. It is one of the best constructed textbooks on language I have ever seen. I wish more textbooks were constructed as well as this one. I can't say enough about this textbook. The introduction, the dialogues, phonetics, tests, tables, dictionary and index were all complementary and comprehensive. If you would like to lea Russian - this is your best introduction.
Note1: we got this book secondhand - the first 200 pages have lots written on by the previous owner - nothing I can do about that.
Note2: this book was in bad condition and it was not possible to scan it normally. So I had to destroy the book (sad face) and take all pages one by one carefully from the book. With almost 700 pages it can be that I messed up somewhere - if so please let me know.
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