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Nguyen Hy Quang. English-Lao Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist for Laotians
Nguyen Hy Quang. English-Lao Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist for Laotians. - Center for Applied Linguistics, 1980. - 159 p.

English phrases with Lao translations are presented under the following headings: coping with the language barrier, useful forms of etiquette, giving information about yourself, recognizing signs, converting weights and measures, using numbers, dealing with money, dealing with time, locating things, describing things and people, doing things, going places, conveying information, health, food, clothing, housing, jobs, and about schools. Lao-English and English-Lao lists of useful words are appended. (JB)

The English phrases in this book are grouped by subject and are selected by their directness, brevity and relevance to the needs of newly arrived residents of the United States. They are, for the most part, presented in the form of short, two-line dialogues.
The phrases and supplementary vocabulary in the 19 units cover a wide range of situations and serve to introduce new Laotian residents to the daily activities of American life. The underlined words and expressions are those who accomplish the most important language functions of the unit. The two wordlists provide terms which are most frequently needed. The two wordlists provide terms which are most frequently needed. In many phrases, the important English words and their Lao equivalents are underlined. The cassette tapes which accompany this phrasebook are available separately, and provide spoken models of both the English and Lao phrases.
As with all phrasebooks, this is not intended as a step-by-step textbook for leaing English. It is intended as a handy reference book for immediate use when English phrases or words are needed.
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